Pershing Bonita / PoolCorp

Pershing Bonita is another example GCM’s expansion-ready flex warehouses, located in East Naples right off of Radio Road. This space was designed to accommodate storage and sales to local pool contractors, and it features a 40,000 square foot warehouse facility and distribution center, complete with dock-level loading bays. In addition to warehouse space, this project also features 5,800 square feet of office space, including a conference room and a 1,400 square foot showroom.

Pershing Bonita LLC decided to utilize GCM’s tilt-wall construction for their flex warehouse because of the streamlined build process and future-phased approach, allowing for a future expansion of 20,000 square feet. The expandable nature of this facility was achieved by offsetting the center of the roofline and creating a concrete panel layout that will seamlessly integrate into the expansion.

Project Scope: 40,000 sq. ft. concrete Tilt-Up warehouse and distribution center

Major Features: Flex space for office and warehousing designed to accommodate storage and sales

Additional Features: Dock-level loading bays, 5,800 sq. ft. office space with conference room and showroom

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