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Do you need a contractor capable of handling your grand scale business complex or marine storage facility? Or, maybe you just need to simplify the process of building your new warehouse in order to grow your business. Either way, the GCM Contracting design-build team is your solution for turnkey construction management on any size project.


Design-build is a method of project delivery in which you, the project owner, work with the GCM design-build team, under a single contract to provide both the design and construction services. In other delivery methods, these services would be under separate contracts.

Design-build is a comprehensive process of planning, design and construction required to execute and complete a build facility or other type of project. While design-build is just one of many delivery system options for project owners, it is by far the most popular and efficient delivery method for construction projects.

Project Delivery Graphic


During the design-build process, the GCM team works collaboratively with the architects and engineers, overlapping each phase of the process for a seamless transition as we move from one phase to the next.

  • Select a Design-Build Team
  • Pre-Construction Assessments
  • Architectural Design
  • Construction
  • Post-Construction

Streamlining the project delivery process through the GCM design-build team fosters collaboration and teamwork. It’s simple – we don’t want our customers to be the middleman. Our design-build team is highly collaborative, so we can deliver projects faster, better, and at the best value.