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Marine Dry-Dock Storage Construction

Safe Harbour Dry Stacks is a subsidiary of GCM Contracting Solutions Inc. From concept to completion, Safe Harbour Dry Stacks offers complete turn-key construction solutions for storm safe concrete marine structures. We are here to put decades of experience in tilt-up concrete building construction to work for you.

Why tilt-up over steel construction?

All concrete dry stack tilt-up construction is made to resist pressure. Solidly pinned and cemented into place, these concrete panels both support the structure and provide hurricane-rated wind shear. Thus, they render superior integrity to any building.

Value & Protection

Four Hour Fire Protection – we use 12″ thick concrete panels to create a compartmentalized structure to slow or stop a spreading fire, significantly lowering potential damages and repair costs.

+200-MPH Wind Rating – the concrete structure achieves over 200-mph wind rating to provide greater protection against hurricane force winds.

Lower Insurance Rates – the design and safety features provide up to 15% lower insurance premiums for building owner and occupants.

Protection from the Environment – the fully enclosed facility offers greater protection from the elements, giving boat owners peace of mind knowing their boats are secure and stay in top condition.

Additional Benefits

  • Provide steel-reinforced strength at every opening
  • Reaches beyond 65 –feet high with consistent strength
  • Builds faster to control construction costs
  • Fosters confident financing
  • Delivers energy efficiency, lowering operating costs
  • Reduces noise – both interior and exterior
  • Allows flexibility for design aesthetics and storage demands
  • Retains a greater value for resale
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