Warehouse Construction

Whether used for storage, distribution, manufacturing, retail or office space, warehouses are a simple solution to many business’s needs. GCM Contracting Solutions will design and build your warehouse with a focus on value and the unique needs of your business operations. We design and build warehouses with your purpose in mind. From call centers and data centers to manufacturing facilities and automated inventory distribution centers, we can design and build a warehouse that will ensure growth opportunities for years to come.

Warehouse Automation

In simplest terms, warehouse automation is the application of specialized equipment and storage and retrieval systems to perform the tasks previously handled by unskilled and semi-skilled labor. As the term suggests, it is the automation of repetitive processes which previously required labor.

More companies are turning to warehouse automation to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and reduce human error. From robots to automated processes, warehouse automation encompasses automated technologies that promise to increase productivity and the return on investment (ROI) by leaps and bounds.

ASAR – A Smart Storage Solution

ASAR is a smart storage solution that will help increase your business profits and operating efficiency, add to your overall usable cubic space, and offer an unmatched delivery of materials/goods, every time. This advanced robotic technology is specifically suited to handle the input and output of materials, allowing you to store more product in your high bay warehouse facility, and provide a faster, more reliable storage system. Both you and your customers benefit from this specialized warehouse management system by reducing the risk of environmental hazards, damage, and theft. ASAR offers superior results that will far surpass the needs and growth of your company.

asar crane render

Benefits of Fully Automated Warehouse System

With ASAR, the benefits of an automated warehouse are multi-fold. For warehouse managers just delving into automation, one of the first benefits you realize is a reduction of human error through a manual process. As some studies show, the cost per error ranges from $50 to $300; when you multiply the error cost by the 1%-3% error rate, you realize the significant impact it has on your company’s profits.

Key Advantages to ASAR:

  • Increased Speed
  • Throughput Optimization
  • Maximize Space
  • Accuracy and Inventory Control
  • Long-Term Cost Reductions and Savings
  • Enhanced Safety
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