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Gulf Star Marina Flythrough 1-29-19

Here's a flythrough of our jobsite at Gulf Star Marina, showing our progress! We're still working on forming, pouring and erecting our tilt-wall panels.

Project Update: Gulf Star Marina (1/21/19)

With the help of Florida Concrete Unlimited and Environmental Concrete and Materials, the east side slab has been completed at Gulf Star Marina! We can use this space now to pour panels. [...]

Project Update: Gulf Star Marina GoPro Footage

Here’s another angle of our erection technique, taken from a hard hat mounted GoPro! Shawn Luce of S&D Constructors was kind enough to volunteer as our cameraman in the danger zone. Both [...]

Project Update: Gulf Star Marina (1/17/19)

Here's some cool drone footage from our Gulf Star Marina project! Things are moving along quickly now, with panel erection and precast installation going forward as we continue to form, prep, and [...]