Project Description

East Cape Flex is a 38,400 sq.ft. flex warehouse located in northern Cape Coral, Florida.

Each of the eight units feature a sophisticated office space and a fully functional warehouse complete with dock-level loading bays for any storage, manufacturing or shipping needs.

Concrete Tilt-Up construction was chosen for East Cape Commerce Center because of the various benefits it offers, including built-in fire insulation and sound attenuation, as well as increased durability which can help retain resale value. In addition to the added safety provisions, tenants will find value in East Cape Commerce Center’s aesthetically pleasing front and highly-functional rear loading area.


Project Scope:

38,000 sq. ft. Tilt-Up flex warehouse & office space

Major Features:

Flex space for offices and warehousing, close proximity to major roadways

Additional Features:

Increased resistance to hurricane-force winds, modern tilt-wall architecture, higher ROI compared to pre-engineered metal or CMU construction.