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Project Update: Gulf Star Marina (7/2/19)

The last panel is up at Gulf Star Marina and we are saying goodbye to our 300-ton crane, provided by Zeiger Crane Rental! The crane is close to a million pounds, so it takes [...]

Project Update: Gulf Star Marina (7/1/19)

We've reached a milestone at Gulf Star Marina! This video shows us pouring and erecting the final wall panel. The roof will be open awhile longer as we assemble the ASAR crane system, but [...]

Project Update: Gulf Star Marina 6/21/19

We're closing in on the final walls at Gulf Star Marina. As we work our way out, space is at a premium! By starting early, we're able to avoid most but we still rely [...]

Gulf Star Marina 6/20/19

Here at Gulf Star Marina, we're starting off the day with our final casting bed! Our last 3 panels will be formed here, and they will be standing next week. [...]

Project Update: Gulf Star Marina (6/7/19)

Gulf Star Marina continues to move along nicely! With daily prepping, pouring, erecting and installing precast on top of our concrete wall panels, we can see some light at the end of the tunnel, [...]