Robert Brown, owner and president of GCM Contracting Solutions, will present an overview of the innovative Automated Storage and Retrieval (ASAR) system to a worldwide audience of marine and boating executives at a global conference in Greece.

Through its subsidiary Safe Harbour Dry Stacks, GCM Contracting Solutions, an industry leader in commercial construction and design-build services, recently began construction of a smart marina at Fort Myers Beach that will be the world’s first to feature stacker crane technology. The fully automated, multi-level system at Gulf Star Marina replaces the traditional forklift used in dry stack storage with a railed solution, offering quick rack-to-water vessel delivery.

Brown will present the technology on Oct. 27 at a worldwide conference of the International Council of Marine Industry Associations, which formed in 1966 to create a global network of boating and marine organizations.

“This conference showcases the latest technology and innovations in the marina industry, so to be selected as a presenter is quite an honor,” Brown said. “Our technology uses high-tech software and equipment to transport boats to and from the water and their designated dry storage unit, and because the system is space efficient, Gulf Star Marina will be able to achieve more leasable space per square foot.”

ASAR is a smart storage solution that adds to marina profits by increasing usable cubic space and operating efficiency, offering an unmatched rack-to-water vessel delivery system. This advanced stacker crane technology stores more boats inside marine facilities, and provides a faster, more reliable storage system for marina owners and their customers.

Brown’s presentation will explore the benefits of using dry stack technology in marina designs, which include:

  • A quick turnaround time from storage to the water
  • Space-efficient, aesthetically pleasing architectural designs
  • Lower personnel costs due to automation
  • Reduced potential for boat damage during transport
  • Environmentally friendly electric transport systems

From concept to completion, Safe Harbour Dry Stacks offers complete turn-key construction solutions. Marinas can be built using tilt-up concrete construction, which offers supreme sturdiness, fire safety protection and hurricane resistance, in addition to a quicker construction timeline.