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Protecting Our Coastlines

Some of Florida’s coastlines are still feeling the erosion effects of Hurricane Irma. Coastal Erosion Protection System (CEPS) has been working to restore and protect our beautiful shorelines using versatile, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions. Check out some of these project photos!      

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Arcadia Rodeo Now Open!

Exciting news – Arcadia Rodeo’s Mosaic Arena is now complete! This $10.4 million, 110,000-square-foot arena replaces Arcadia’s 59-year-old original rodeo arena. Check out these renderings of the final project!  

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Rattlesnake Hammock Self Storage

Check out these project photos from our work on Rattlesnake Hammock Self Storage! We’ve finished masonry and slab pours to the third floor and are currently working to top out the stair and elevator towers, substantially completing the project.    

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Marine Dry Dock Storage

Searching for the very best in marine storage? Safe Harbour Dry Stacks are created with innovative tilt-up concrete construction that is far superior to steel facilities in many respects. What may surprise you is that they are also competitively priced – even compared to steel buildings.

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Make A Massive Impact!

Do you need a contractor capable of handling a grand scale business complex or marine storage facility? Maybe you just need to make a massive impact on your project’s bottom line. Either way, GCM Contracting Solutions is the solution for turnkey construction management on any size project, from concept to completion. Choose GCM and get [...]

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Protect Your Waterfront Property

Whether the threat is an impending storm or slow and steady erosion by natural forces, you can protect your waterfront property from erosion with TrapBag®. Versatile. Affordable. Effective. Environmentally Friendly.

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