With benefits ranging from cost to durability and maintenance, many business owners are opting for
tilt-up construction in their next project, and here’s why you should too.


One of the biggest advantages of tilt-up construction is how cost-effective it can be compared to traditional methods. Typically, this is true for buildings 10,000-square-feet or more with a height of 16-ft or higher. Sourcing local materials such as sand, limerock, and baserock, means that costs are lower, and prices are more stable. Another major cost factor is personnel. Lower labor costs and smaller teams are required in the tilt-up construction process. From a post-construction standpoint, a business owner can see the long-term cost advantages through superior fire and weather resistance which result in lower insurance premiums, as well as lower heating/cooling costs than non-concrete variants.


Tilt-up construction has been a preferred method since the early 1900s. Standing the test of time, most buildings last upwards of 50+ years, with minimal repairs and maintenance. Hurricane-prone areas like Southwest Florida, use tilt-up construction for this very reason. Withstanding wind shear of up to 175+ mile-per-hour winds and four-hour fire ratings, durability is of utmost importance for business owners looking to protect their investment and business.


One of the first questions business owners ask their general contractor is how long it will take to build. With tilt-up construction, you can expect a faster turnaround time compared to other methods. Locally sourcing materials prevent transportation delays and pouring tilt-up walls and erecting them is much faster than traditional building walls vertically. Not to mention, you are also eliminating the steps of finishing the walls with siding, stucco, EIFSs, etc. With a less logistically complex process, business owners can expect a shorter, more predictable timeline.


Tilt-up construction offers flexibility for architects and a full range of styles, interior and exterior wall finishes, adornments, and colors are available – even curved walls can be accommodated. This allows for functional, durable and visually pleasing constructions.

Tilt-up construction delivers exceptional value, speed, durability, safety, and aesthetic options. It is clear to see why tilt-up is the method of choice for a wide range of projects.

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